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  1. Received Best Paper Award for the following paper: Vinay Thute and Atul Andhare, “Diagnosis of Inter Turn and Ball Bearing Faults in an Induction Motor using Vibration Data and Artificial Neural Network”, First International and Fourth National Conference on Reliability and Safety Engineering, PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur, 26-28 February 2018.
  2. Received Best Paper Award (Third Prize of Rs. 2000/-) for the following paper: Neelesh Kumar Sahu, Makarand Channe and Atul Andhare, “Multi sensor tool condition monitoring in end milling of Ti-6Al-4V”, 12th National workshop on Industrial Problems on Machines and Mechanisms- IPRoMM 2016, VNIT Nagpur, India, 22-23 December 2016, pp. 220-226.
  3. Received Third Prize of Rs. 5000/- in Oratory Competition (Bhashan Shailee) in Seminar on “Use of Technology and Innovations in Prompting Good Governance”, on “Good Governance Day”, celebrated on 24 December 2014 at VNIT Nagpur.

Books Authored:
Author: Atul Andhare
Title: Condition Monitoring of Rolling Element Bearings
Year – 2010
Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing , Germany
ISBN-10: 3838357949
ISBN-13: 978-3838357942

Authors: Chitrakant Tiger, Atul B. Andhare and Ashwin Patil
Title: Failure Causes Analysis of Machine Tools using Matrix Method
Year: August 2013
Publisher: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
ISBN-13: 978-3659123139
ISBN-10: 3659123137

Book Chapters Authored:
Authors: Neelesh Kumar Sahu and Atul Andhare
Chapter Title: Design of Experiments applied to industrial process
Book Title: Design of Experiments Applied to Industrial Chemical Processes
ISBN 978-953-51-5366-5
Publisher – InTech Open