A M KUTHE >>Additional Responsibilities

Sr. No. Category Function / Details
1 STTP/Workshop/conference Conference/workshop/Short term courses organized


  • GIAN courses in 2017,2018 and 2019
  • MEDIC ( Medical device Innovation conclave) 2016
  • Workshop on biologically inspired engineering (2013)
  • Certificate Training Programme on E-Foundry: Casting Design and Simulation

( 2013)

  • Workshop on zero defect casting ( 2011)
  • Five day training programme on Rapid product development (2009)
  • National workshop on Applications of advanced engineering technologies in medical sciences (2008)
  • Workshop on Objectivity in subjectivity       ( 2008)
  • National conference on Applications of Rapid prototyping (2006)
  • National workshop on Rapid prototyping

( 2005)

  • Sun system Awareness Programme (1995)


2 Guest Lectures delivered in Indian Universities/colleges Several Guest lecturers in engineering/academic institutes and hospitals

Objective : To create awareness about medical Rapid-Prototyping

Institutes where lectures are delivered

  1. IIT Mumbai
  2. IIT Roorkee
  3. IIT Gandhinagar
  4. Govt. Engineering College Amravati, Maharashtra
  5. Sree Chitra institutes of medical sciences Trivendrum
  6. Govt. Dental college Nagpur, Maharashtra
  7. National institutes of Technology Raipur (M. P.)
  8. Sri Gajanan Maharaj college of Engineering, Shegaon
  9. Pusad Engineering College Pusad, Maharashtra
  10. Badnera Engineering College Amravati Maharashtra
  11. Raisoni Engineering college Nagpur, Maharashtra
  12. YC college of Engineering Nagpur, Maharashtra
  13. M. P. Christian Engineering College Bhilai (M. P.)
  14. National Institute of Technology Warangal (A.P.)
  15. Akola Engineering College Akola, Maharashtra
  16. Parshvanath college of Engineering Thane, Maharashtra
  17. Central power Thermal institute Nagpur, Maharashtra
  18. Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering Chandrapur, Maharashtra
3 Social activities Social commitment related to academics

Social organisation “ BalJagat “at Nagpur is running project titled “Shubhchintak”. Applicant is founder member of committee for this project.

Through this activity/project scholarships are awarded to poor students in Engineering College in and around Nagpur.

4 Inter-NIT teaching Inter-NIT teaching assignment

Taught course on medical image processing at National Institute of Technology Raipur. In light of critical shortage   in the department of Bio-Medical Engineering at NIT- Raipur, the institute unable to conduct some of the courses. On request of Director NIT Raipur, course on medical image processing was taught to B. Tech VI sem. students in the year 2007

5 Distance Education Course titled “Modern Information System” is successfully completed through Distance Education Program of IIT Mumbai during the period March – May 2002.
6 E-foundry cell A basic level E-Foundry Cell is set up without incurring any additional cost of hardware or software, by using the resources freely available at VNIT Nagpur under IIT Mumbai. Teachers can use the lesson videos, slides PDF and animations to make their classes more interesting. The quizzes and tutorials can be used for student evaluation. The online solidification simulation facility can be used to run a lab exercise of feeder design optimization, and also to explore industry projects. The library of technical papers and the researcher network are useful for supporting R&D projects.



Sr. No. Category Function / Details
1 Journal review Regularly reviewing the technical papers from Rapid prototyping Journal and from the other journals as and when the request is made.
2 Consultant Hon. Consultant in orthopedics at CIIMS Nagpur

  • CIIMS is Central India Institutes of Medical Sciences
  • Served as Hon. Consultant in orthopaedics at CIIMS since for 1 year.
  • Offered advisory for use of rapidprototyping in complicated patient cases
  • Assisted in cases of orthopaedic surgery with custom built implants.

Experience shared through technical papers publications in international journal viz. Journal of Medical engineering and Technology, Current orthopedic practice.

3 Capacity Building through training Capacity building through Training (1993-1999)

Subject: Use of CAD and higher programming languages

Audience: students from other institutes/engineers from industries/working professionals.

Total participants: over 1000

4 Real life Medical case studies Real Life Medical Case studies

  • Going beyond academics, applicant closely worked with medicos & surgeons at Central India Institute of Medical sciences (CIIMS) Nagpur to help several patients with custom built implants.
  • Some of the custom built implants that were designed and developed by applicant and successfully fitted in the patient’s body include
  • Temperomandibular joint
  • Metatarsophalangeal joint
  • Mandible for the patient suffering from cancer


  • With contribution of applicant the Doctors at CIIMS performed RP assisted surgery for acetabulum fracture correction and scoliosis. Post surgery the patient is living healthy normal life.