To produce quality human resource of high standard in mechanical engineering who can contribute favourably to the technological and socio-economic development of the nation.


Short Term Vision Plan:  3-5 years

 To establish centers of excellence in


  1. Tissue Engineering
  2. E-foundry  cell in collaboration with IIT Mumbai
  3. Fuel Cell
  4. Component testing


To establish new laboratories


  1. Product design & development
  2.  Fatigue & fracture mechanics laboratory


Development of existing laboratories/ addition of new equipment  


  1. Theory of machines lab
  2.  Solid mechanics laboratory
  3.  Metrology lab
  4.  Renewable energy laboratory.
  5. Mechanical measurement lab
  6.  Heat transfer lab


Class rooms up gradation


  1. To be equipped with LCD projectors, smart board, internet &  PA system.
  2. Few more new classrooms are needed


 Space for research scholars


  1.   Provide computing, printing & Xeroxing facilities for UG/ PG/ Research students




Introduce New courses


  1. Machine vision
  2.  Mechanisms
  3.  Computer based engineering drawing
  4.   Fuel Cell Technology
  5.  Revision of existing courses as per the industrial practices.


Get recognition for the Department as a QIP centre


  1. Encourage faculty to submit proposals for sponsored research projects/ prepare lecture series in digital form/ authoring a book/ engage in consultancy work




Medium Term Vision Plan:  5-7 years



  1. All faculty members will acquire Ph.D
  2. More class rooms/ faculty rooms to be created
  3. To establish new laboratories like,Bio-Mechanics and MEMS for mechanical students.
  4. Collaboration with foreign universities
  5.  At least 50% of the faculty members to have sponsored projects.



Long Term Vision Plan:  20 years


  1. To have international research students enrolled for PhD/ Post doctoral degree
  2. CAD – CAM Engineering
  3. Bio-medical engineering
  4. Energy Engineering
  5. Robotics
  6. Interdisciplinary areas
  7. To establish the department to be the best among all NIT’s in the county
  8. To be a leading consultancy provider in the region.
  9. To develop multi-disciplinary collaborations
  10. To have International projects with foreign universities.