Research Projects


Sr. No Name of Thesis / Area Name of Scholar Name of Supervisor Date of Registraton
1 Wear analysis of Implant in Total Hip Arthoplasty M. R. Dharme Dr. A. M. Kuthe July 2011
2 Application of Wire EDM in Rapid Manufacturing Sanjay Rathi

Dr. A. M. Kuthe

Jan. 2010
3 Computer Aided Metal Casting Dhiraj Bhivgade Dr. A. M. Kuthe Jan. 2013
4 Critical analysis of customized Metallic Implant Manufacturing


Dr. A. M. Kuthe Jan. 2013
5 Optimal multi robot task allocation for assembly operation.

Manoj Mankar

Dr. A. M. Kuthe Jan. 2013
6 Customised Surgical Guide using layered Manufacturing Sandeep Dahake Dr. A. M. Kuthe Jul. 2013
7 Innovative Product Design Using Rapid-prototyping Mahesh Mawale Dr. A. M. Kuthe Jul. 2013
8 Machine Condition Monitoring Using Artificial Intelligence Approach Mr. Vinay Thute Dr. A. B. Andhare July 2009
9 Quality Assessment of Gearbox Mr. Prasad Kane Dr. A. B. Andhare July 2011
10 Tool Wear Modeling Mr.Ganesh Lamdhade Dr. A. B. Andhare July 2012
11 Modification in Sugar Cane Cutter Design to Improve Productivity Mr. Yogesh Deshpande

Dr. A.B.Andhare

Dr. P. M. Padole
Jan. 2013
12 Performance of Journal Bearing Using Nano Bio Lubricants Mr. Dhananjay Katpatal

Dr. A. B.Andhare

Dr. P. M.Padole
Jan. 2013
13 Machining of Titanium Alloys Mr. Neelesh Sahu Dr. A. B.Andhare July 2013
14 Performance Evaluation of Nano Coolants in Machining Mr. Roja Raju Dr. A. B. Andhare July 2013
15 Design and Development of Bed for Patient Care Mr. Anil Onkar Dr. A. B.Andhare July 2013
16 Position and Path Control of AGV by Fixed Sensor and Controller Mr. R. G. Pungle

Dr. H. T.Thorat,

Dr. A. B.Andhare
July 2008
 17  Computer aided manufacturing, planning ,based on STEP AP224 through automatic manufacturing feature recognition.  B. R. Borkar

Dr. Y.M. Puri

 18  Studies on effect of welding on corrosion of mild steel, galvanized steel, and 409 stainless steel.  Sachin P. Ambade

Dr. A.P. Patil

Dr. Y. M. Puri
 19  Application of EDM in Rapid Manufacturing.  Sanjay Rathi

Dr. Y. M. Puri

Dr. A.M. kuthe
 20  Design, Development and Performance Analysis of EDM Turning set-up  Vikas Gohil Dr. Y. M. Puri  2012
 21  Curved hole drilling using electric discharge machine  Diwesh Meshram Dr. Y. M. Puri  2013
 22  Fracture of soft and hard solids interface  Avinash Thakre  Dr. Arun K. Singh  July-2013
 23  Interfacial dynamics of soft solids  Vinit Gupta  Dr. Arun K. Singh  July-2013
 24  Tribology of Piston and Cylinder of an IC Engine  Shraddha Gondane  Dr. Arun K. Singh  July-2013
 25  Estimation of Human Muscle Characteristics  Chetan Kuthe  Rashmi Uddanwadiker  Dec.2011
 26  Design and development of economic prosthetic hand to restore aesthetics and functionality  Tushar Kulkarni  Rashmi Uddanwadiker  July 2013
 27  Low cycle fatigue analysis of 316 LN steel notched specimen  Richa Agrawal  Rashmi Uddanwadiker  2013
 28  Mechanism and Robotics  Ankur Jaiswal  Hemant Jawale  Jan. 2014
 29  Mechanism and Robotics  Sachin Bhojne  Hemant Jawale  July 2013
 30  Heat Transfer Aspects in Fuel Cells  N. Shrivastava  Dr. S. B. Thombre  2010
 31  Studies on fuel cells  Ranjan Mallick  Dr. S. B. Thombre  
 32  Performance analysis of Solar Still  H.S. Deshmukh  Dr. S. B. Thombre  2008
 33  Performance analysis of Solar Air heaters  Y. C. Dhote  Dr. S. B. Thombre  2008
 34  Experimental Studies & analysis of DSSCs  R. Shelke  Dr. S. B. Thombre  2009

Heat Transfer Studies with Sound assisted Fluidized Bed of Multi Component Systems

(Nagpur University)_ submitted
 Vaidya V.B.  Dr. S. B. Thombre  2007
 36  Numerical Study of Buoyancy Induced Flow and Heat Transfer Inside a Pipe (Nagpur University)  Thombre R.E.  Dr. S. B. Thombre  2008
 37  Optimization using artificial intelligence  Rajesh Mankar  

Dr. Shital S. Chiddarwar &

Dr. A.M.Kuthe
 Jan. 2013
 38  Robot assisted spray painting  Abhiesk Jha  Dr. Shital S. Chiddarwar  July 2013
 39  Non linear controller  Veer Alekshendra  Dr. Shital S. Chiddarwar  Jan. 2014
 40  Assistive technology Tushar Kulkarni   Dr. Rashmi Uddanwadiker & Dr. Shital S. Chiddarwar  July 2013
 41  Dynamic Analysis of Structural Element under the moving mass for damage Assessment.  Tanuja Vaidya  Dr. A. Chattrjee  July 2011
 42  Crack Detection in L.P. Steam Turbine blade using Vibration Analysis  M. S. Kotambkar  Dr. A. Chattrjee  2008
 43  Experimental and numerical study of flow and heat transfer in solar air dryer.  Vipin Gawande  Dr. A. S. Dhoble  July 2012
 44  Experimental investigation of solar photovoltaic and thermal systems using optical filters.  Sandeep Joshi  Dr. A. S. Dhoble  Dec. 2012
 45  Finite element analysis of damaged T-joint  Roshan Patil  Dr. A. S. Dhoble  Dec.2012
 46  Study of heat transfer in heat exchanger using nano fluid  Vivek Ugare  Dr. A. S. Dhoble  Dec.2012
 47  Investigation of fatigue failure of FRP composite material blade used in rotary machines.  Pravin Kulkarni  Dr. A. S. Dhoble  July 2013
 48  Thermal Engineering  C. Mangrulakar  Dr. A. S. Dhoble  


 49  Investigation of heat transfer and fluid flow using artificial roughness in solar air heater.  Mr. Sanjay Sharma  Dr. V. R. Kalamkar  July 2013
 50  Experimental and CFD analysis of forced draught direct combustion biomass stove.  Mr. Milind Kshirsagar  Dr. V. R. Kalamkar  January 2013
 51  Experimental and CFD analysis of low capacity, low cost solar pv powered submersible water pump  Mr. Vimal Sontake  Dr. V. R. Kalamkar  January 2013
 52  Numerical and experimental study of combustion and flow characteristics in tangential coal fired utility boiler.  Mr. Sachine Gabhane  Dr. V. R. Kalamkar  January 2013
 53  Durability assessment of crankshaft using finite element and experimental technique  Anil R. Umale  Dr. P. M. Padole  July, 2011
 54  Experimental and finite element analysis for characterization of Co-cured composites  Atul Sane  Dr. P. M. Padole Dr. R.V. Uddanwadiker  July, 2012
55 Notch Effects in Low Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction of 316L(N) Stainless Steel Richa Agrawal Dr. P. M. Padole Dr. R.V. Uddanwadiker Jan, 2013
56 Finite element analysis of damaged composite T-Joint Roshan U. Patil Dr. P. M. Padole Dr. A.S. Dhoble Jan, 2013
57 Finite element analysis for stents with non-linear behavior Pooja Jhujhunwala Dr. P. M. Padole Jan., 2014