Pramod M. Padole >>Awards/Honours/Books Authored

  • Received “Best S & T Innovator” award from Government of India for developing Technologies under KVIC project. (November 2007) – Dr. P. M. Padole.
  • Two technologies developed namely Dhoop Stick making machine and Mosquito Repellent Coil making machine have been identified for technologies dissemination by KVIC, Mumbai.
  • KVIC Sponsored a Project amounting Rs. 15 lakh to transfer these technologies to different KVIC centers.
  • Received Best Paper Award for the paper entitled,” Present Method of Manufacturing of Cotton Gin Roller and suggested approach for improvement”, Published in the Vol. XXXVI No. 11 issue of the IE Journal, at Visakhapatnam.
  • The project on development of small scale Ginnery is recognized as National level project by KVIC, in the meeting held at KVIC, Mumbai.
  • Worked as an expert for R & D Group for National workshop of KVIC at Khadi Village Industrial Corporation, at Ahmadabad, Gujarat during 16th April 2007.
  • Working as coordinator of prestigious project “Development of Appropriate Technology for Rural Engineering”, sponsored by KVIC.
  • Received an offer from the editor of Springer Handbook on Mechanical Engineering to write a chapter for the handbook on ‘Machine Design’. The offer is given by Prof. K. H. Grote of University of Magdeburg, Germany.
  • Working with Gau Vigyan Sanstha at Deolapar (Nagpur) to develop low cost equipments for its products. Also working on Gobar Gas-diesel engine project. Working as co-ordinator of the project being carried out with KVIC.