Dr. Shital S. Chiddarwar >>PG Project Students

M.Tech. Students

  1. Akshay Marathe (2014), Application of machine vision for circularity error estimation
  2. Mayur Andulkar (2014), CAD based approach for trajectory planning of spray painting robot
  3. Anjali Shishodia (2014), Optimization of Boring process using grey relational analysis and ANN
  4. Gajanan Bhandari (2015) Comparison of AOBB and SSV for obstacle avoidance
  5. Avinash Mahajan (2015) Development of a hybrid SMC using soft computing techniques for mobile robot
  6. Ankush Dushettiwar (2015) Human wrist pose estimation using image processing
  7. Mohsin Dalvi (2015) Optimization of CNC boring process parameters using Response Surface Methodology and Genetic Algorithm for AISI 1040
  8. Rohini Bhute(2017)Robotic deburring operation
  9. Shravan Mutha (2017) AI based control of hybrid vehicle
  10. Anudeep Asati (2016) Machine tool error estimation using fundamentals of robotics
  11. Saransh Agrawal (2016) Multi-objective optimization of scheduling problems using evolutionary algorithms
  12. Moka Mounika (2017)Tool life estimation for Boring operation using WPT and learning based methods
  13. Namita Dubey (2017)RUL estimation for Boring tool using WPT and Radial basis function
  14. Samruddhi Palve (2018) Multisensor Fusion Based Approach For Robotic Object Manipulation
  15. Ishupal Tyagi (2018) Trajectory planning for surface polishing operation
  16. Mayur Pardhi (2018) Tool condition monitoring using Machine Learning
  17. Alex(2019) Design and analysis of racking mechanism for switchgear
  18. Nitha (2019) Loyalty base management system using deep learning for a taxi service